Application 1

Deconstructing an interview

Value 25 Points

Learning objectives:

Using an interview of your choice from a magazine, electronic resource or newspaper, answer the following questions to the best of your ability. If, based on the information available, you are not certain how to answer a question explain your uncertainty utilizing knowledge gained through the course and text. Your goal is to show your understanding of key concepts through your identification and explanation.

  1. Identify and explain the opening technique(s) used (Chapter four).
  2. Identify and support whether this is a directive or nondirective interview (Chapter two).
  3. Identify how the interview is organized providing support your answer (Chapter four).
  4. Identify the closing technique(s) used (Chapter four).
  5. Select any sequence of 5 questions and label them according to the typology provided in your text in the chapter on questions and their uses (i.e. open/closed, leading/neutral, primary/secondary).
  6. Review the list of "common question pitfalls" in your text. Locate a question in your interview that makes one of these errors. Write out the question and explain which pitfall the interviewer fell in to then rewrite the question to avoid the pitfall.
  7. Review the section on "question sequences" in your text. Try to identify how your interview was sequenced and explain why you think this sequence was used or what might have worked better.
  8. Interpersonal or relational dimensions: Explain how any two of the interpersonal qualities of interviewing are emphasized, developed or reinforced through the interview process. The interpersonal qualities include: similarity, inclusion, control, affection and trust.

As always, carefully review your work for correctness in grammar, punctuation and spelling.



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